Sharp-dressed man

I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these beard caps. You get to keep your face warm and look like a pirate–what’s not to love? The original design is a collaboration between Icelandic design team Vik Projonsdottir and knitwear manufacturer Vikurprjon, made from sustainable 100% Icelandic sheep wool and guaranteed to keep you warm, dry and looking like a Viking all winter long. For a cheaper American copycat check out Beard Head–their hats are mostly acrylic but they do have an interchangeable mustache option.

And if you’re really short on cash? You can always make one or grow one.

1) Beard Head Tailgate Collection in Blue/Grey, $33

2) The Beard Cap by Vik Projonsdottir, $78

3) Beard Head Pirate Edition, $33

4) DIY Crochet Pattern on Instructables.com, free


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