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Pantone Nail Polish

I absolutely love this concept by Renata Veiga. I hope someone makes them. Otherwise, how else am I going to match my nails to my Buff Cuff?


The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The new Buff Cuff packaging is almost done! I’ve been working with Oxide Design on branding and product design, and a few weeks ago was lucky enough to get my hands on their latest mock-up. It may still need a few minor tweaks, but overall, it’s exactly what I had hoped for! I stole the mock-up from their office and held it hostage for two weeks at my house so I could show it to friends and family, and the response I got was really positive.

Two of my biggest hopes for the package were that it would add some serious value to the product (think Apple) and that the box would be so fabulous that people would want to re-use it (seriously–is there anyone out there who actually threw away their iPhone box?). So far, I think that’s where we’re headed. The guys at Oxide are amazing communicators, and I feel like they really understand where I want to go with this product.

I was actually only supposed to keep the box for a week, but it was so pretty that I had a hard time parting with it. Turns out my designers missed it while it was gone too, so I guess that’s a promising sign. We’re all in love and it’s only a paste & paper prototype!

If I’m really lucky I’ll still loooooove the box when I have 10,000 of them in my garage.


Design Inspiration

If I had all the time in the world, I would probably go back to school, get a design degree, open my own design firm, work for ten years until I got all kinds of impressive awards and then design my own fabulous box, logo and website for the Buff Cuff.

But, since I’d like to launch this product before my kids turn twenty-five, package design was an area where I definitely needed professional help. And luckily, here in Omaha there are some kick-ass designers–I’ve worked with the very talented Adam at GoodTwin in the past and am now working with Oxide on the Buff Cuff packaging and website.

Very early on in the process, I sat down with the guys at Oxide to talk about the look and feel I wanted for the Buff Cuff. Having a great branding package is very important to me with this product (well, duh) and I wanted to make sure that Oxide had a clear understanding of what I like. Even though Drew and co. are excellent communicators, I decided to make a “mood board” of my own, just so I could be sure that they really understood me. Who me, type-A? Never.

Anyway, as I started searching for design inspiration, I found myself gravitating towards repeating retro patterns–Lindberg and Girard textiles from the sixties, Mary Blair‘s Disneyland architecture, modern-day stuff from Rex Ray and Jonathan Adler. All so round and colorful and fun. I also found some fabulous “new” Girard items at House Industries, including a snappy set of Girard-inspired fonts. I could look at this stuff all day (though I don’t think I’ll be buying my two-year-old a $120 set of blocks anytime soon).

I can’t wait to see how the package comes out. There’s a very strong possibility that I’ll end up with a thousand of them in my garage at some point, so figured I better speak up about what I like, design-wise, even if Oxide are the ones who are going to make the magic happen. If I end up with something even remotely Lindberg-esque, hopefully I’ll like it enough to tile my wall with box lids if I never sell a single Buff Cuff.

Or hey! Maybe the box will be so fantastic that people will actually want to buy the product!

Whoa. Marketing breakthrough.

Sarah Gupta, MD

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