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Nerds Like You

Finally! A packaging mock-up and a working prototype! It looks like it’s almost time for me to get excited about having a real product to sell, and so of course have started frantically researching marketing and distribution opportunities–trade shows, celebrity gifting, press releases, etc.

Since I don’t have a local inventors group, Edison Nation is one of my favorite places to start when I need information. Outstanding forums, friendly people and a huge amount of free information, mainly based on other inventor’s experiences. You can also watch videos from the PBS show “Everyday Edisons” and enter licensing contests for major retailers. It’s free to join; an upgrade to gold status is $9 a month and gets you a subscription to Inventors Digest, reduced entry fees on contest entries and a fancy “GOLD” title on your avatar.

The inventing business is complicated–it’s like you have to be the design team, the marketing department, the CEO, the accountant, a secretary and legal counsel all rolled into one. You’ve got to get some help. Edison Nation is one of the cheapest (free!) and most accessable resources I’ve found so far, and full of inventing nerds just like you.

As far as my own product goes, after reviewing some of the discussion in the Edison Nation forums I’ve decided that INPEX in June is probably not the right target show for me. I’m now daydreaming about trying to do a gift show instead… though I guess I should probably wait until I have a little more inventory. It’d be an awfully empty booth with just one little ol’ Buff Cuff and me.


Sarah Gupta, MD

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